What They’re Saying

Okay, so. I’m really picky when it comes to good design. I know what I like and I really seek out people who can execute that vision. Needless to say, Robert Goldensohn has exceeded my expectations in that. His designs are incredibly tasteful. He’s incredibly well-rounded as an artist which is incredibly hard to find one without inherit bias’. He is incredible with deadlines. He’s willing to give input, work with criticism, and truly makes me believe he wants to see the project he is working on succeed. All in all, I really have no desire to go anywhere else for my layout designs!

John Horstmann

Over the past 3 years I’ve done online shows for BlizzPro.com that gave insight, game play and discussion to all games made by Blizzard Entertainment. If you ever wanted to watch a television show about a certain game, then that was the show I was making. In order to be a professional, you have to look professional. Upon Dredscythe joining the BlizzPro team, I was provided the highest quality graphical assets I’ve ever seen. They hit my inbox in a very timely fashion with minimal rework. Every detail was accounted for with no corners cut. From stream overlays to other graphical assets for the shows that get uploaded to YouTube, it’s what I need and when I need it. It’s nice to have something pretty much picture perfect….the first time.

Brian Layhew